Mayweather Vs McGregor 26th Aug

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Oli Wagkz, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Discopants91

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    Their "jobs" are make a shit ton of money, so aye they've done that well.
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  2. Tommasi

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    I can't believe the amount of people who've been suckered into this like.

    Think it's all down to social media, YouTube etc. People don't recognise the skills in boxing, they are getting mixed up between fighting and boxing.

    Young uns are used to watching clips online of randoms getting knocked out all the time, they aren't interested in watching people jab and move and slip punches. They want to see people to stand toe to toe and punch each other in the face till one goes down. To them they see McGregor as someone who can drop anyone. Mayweather is just some old bloke who moves out the way of getting digged.
  3. Rpd1988

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    Which is what I said.
  4. HarrogateMackem

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    Its not fair to blame that on young people, its largely middle aged blokes hyping up McGregor's chances on social media from what i've seen.

    Basically as always casual boxing fans dont understand the tactical side of boxing, so falsely believe a fight is going to be closer then it actually will be. Its what Eddie Herne takes advantage of so often (AJ recently for example)
  5. Tommasi

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    That's fair enough like. I had my 40 odd year old brother in law complaining that Mayweather was boxing defensively against Pacquiao and another lad I know complaining it was boring and posted a link to Hagler Hearns saying he was expecting to see watch something like that :lol: the casual boxing fan simply knows fuck all about boxing basically.
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  6. I've heard grown man talk about the size of McGregor and accuse Mayweather of juicing. The whole thing is like that film The Great White Hype.
  7. FootballFan

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    bloody right

    yep yer brother in law was right
  8. Monkey Nuts

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    It's utter bollocks. The whole set up is fake and it makes a mockery of both sports. It's all about the money. Guarantee it will be a dodgy draw so they can have a wank match, I mean rematch!!
  9. The draw is available at 51/1 you can make a fortune with your guarantee.
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  10. Monkey Nuts

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    Really!? It's worth a punt like!
  11. Tommasi

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    Years since I seen that. Is the champ at the end over weight to fuck and still smashes the fuck out the white lad?
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  12. FootballFan

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  13. That's one. All the build up and the fights a dud.
  14. Ceverton

    Ceverton Midfield

    No mate I think a lot of people see how amateur Mcgregor is and how he stands no chance.

    In the public workout he looked gassed after 4 rounds on the bags, pushing his punches through etc. Imagine what will happen when he is swinging at fresh air and getting body shots? Mcgregor is going to be embarrassed.
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  15. FootballFan

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  16. Ceverton

    Ceverton Midfield

    Can you please have a debate than show that emoji? Explain what is wrong with what I have said?
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  17. Tommasi

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    He's a troll mate.
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  18. Ceverton

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  19. BigPete

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    If his Boxing skills were as good as his showmanship and his ability to sell fights he may stand more of a chance.

    There no where near as good though, he's funny but he will deep down know himself he's doesn't stand a chance.

    If it goes to the judges he will just say Mayweather ran from him but in reality he out-boxed him.
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  20. Ceverton

    Ceverton Midfield

    I thought there was little chance of that last week, thought Mayweather round 9. However after watching Mcgregor's public workout and seeing how bad he was, then I do not even see Connor making it to 4 or 5.
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