Mayweather v McGregor

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  1. This doesn't stop him doing that though. From a sporting legacy point of view beating mayweather would be far more important than defending a UFC belt. Not that I think he will beat him.
  2. admwil

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    Be amazed if it ever happens
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  3. prehab26

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    When there is this much money to be made, there is always a chance that it could happen. Could also be a lot of free publicity like.

    Mayweather will take the piss.
  4. He would though. Just look at the videos of McGregor sparring. He'll be coming up one the greatest of all time. MMA boxing is different from boxing. For starters the gloves ( 8oz-12oz) will be different and the style of boxing. It'll be under the Marquess of Queensberry rules. McGregor is a good puncher but doesn't have the technic of a pro-boxer.
  5. That may all be true but how will he be better off defending a UFC title? Even if he loses he will be better off with this bout especially if he can make it in any way competitive.
  6. shogun1904

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    Lucky punch my arse.
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  7. PTR

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    Its more like how Usain Bolt kept banging on about how he wanted to play for Man Utd once he retired from running.
    As if a 30 year old retired sprinter would immediately be a top level footballer.

    Of course, the main difference is that Bolt was genuinely the absolute best. McGregor barely outboxed Diaz a few months ago. I'd go as far as to say that he lost 2 out of 5 rounds to him.
    So how he thinks he has a hope in hell against probably the best technical boxer of all time


    It'll actually be good to watch him get embarrassed.
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  8. Because that's what champions do. You make it to the top and try to stay there. Plus you should give the opportunity to other fighters.
  9. This would be a one off fight though it's not like he is quitting for good or not that I know of. He has already been stripped of one title so he isn't holding up a division.
  10. Mackem Chris

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    And smart people try and make the most money possible and get out with their brains intact
  11. Lewis, Calzaghe, de la Hoya and Mayweather defended titles, earned money and have their brains intact.
  12. This thread is fucking awful mate. Some of the stuff I've read man. :lol:
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  13. Mackem Chris

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    I only commented originally cos I was bored, wish I didn't now :lol:
  14. aukq

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    it's all a complete and total set up.

    the opportunity is there for the two of these to split a purse of up to $200m.

    that overrides anything else, careers, reputation. everything.

    it'll be drawn out, trash talking to the max. mcgregor will get whupped while retaining a bit honour and the both of them will walk away with untold riches.
  15. Sporting legacy? It's UFC, still a niche sport really - there's not enough prestige there to justify turning down that kind of money. The casual sports fan won't know much about him now and will have forgotten he ever existed when he retires. If I was him I'd take the $100m to get my arse kicked any day.
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  16. Mackem Chris

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    I was talking about UFC fighters, in general they don't make anywhere near what those fighters you named make

    Only a handful of UFC fighters have been paid $1m+ plus for 1 fight
  17. ErichZann

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    Shame they both can't lose.
  18. Ah right. They found get paid shit compared to boxers and pro wrestlers.

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  19. xmfd

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    McGregor wins by KO in the second round. £20 on it.

    Can you imagine though?
  20. shogun1904

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    It would be topper.

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