May 22nd live footy on tv

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by hank williams, May 22, 2019.

  1. Absolutely mate. Not much supervision required tho. They’re good grafters. Can’t believe how much they’ve got done in 2 days. They should be finished by the weekend. Patio stones going in today, synthetic turf tomorrow and river stones on Friday. Their gaffer is off to Wembley on Friday night.

    Morning Edd. I look forward to the day that Coronation street is ground zero in a nuclear holocaust.
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  2. I also fancy Hexham, been there but not to races, do you know anyone who knows Hexham well ( Hank? :rolleyes::lol:)
  3. Musicman

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    Morning Dilli, lol
  4. :lol::lol::lol:
  5. Musicman

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    He knows the bus route that’s for sure lol
  6. EchoMan

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    Whee’s Edd ?
  7. Bloody iPad. It has this alarming habit of pre selecting regularly used words or names. I can only offer my profuse apologies.
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  8. Morning Hank, morning all, running late, nowt for me.
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    Morning Hank marra and co.
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  10. Morning Hank. Please don't forget your manners.
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  11. Musicman

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    ,Edd the duck man, easy mistake for predictive text to make
  12. I thought it was just a spell checker, but apparently it just hoys in random words regularly used. Need to keep a close eye on it when I’m e.mailing work stuff, I’ve had to weed out the odd clownshoe, thunderc**t, and wanksplat. Potentially embarrassing I think you’ll agree.:lol::lol:
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    You certainly don’t want the drilling manager asking what a cloughiewobble is
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  15. Good morning, gardeners of the spiritual landscape.

    The fitba on offer the day is reet up my straße. I'll be watching it arl. As for Coronation Street or any other similar saga involving acting of a quality matched only by the dire script, I reflect on the notion that soap is best used as a surfactant, emulsifying bodily oils, enabling them to be removed in water, thereby maintaining or enhancing personal hygiene. Some may say I should wesh me gob out with it for uttering such blasphemy. Frankly, I'd rather inject it into me mince pies (especially at Christmas time).

    I've never been to Hexham races, @Wakey ftm in Sussex, but a former business partner of mine (who bred horses & knew a thing or two about matters equestrian) used to swear by it. Cartmel is great, but (as @Musicman said) I think you'd struggle with accommodation, which is a pity because if you fancied pushing the boat out, L'enclume (Simon Rogan) is a scranning experience par excellence. York is a fine course, easily accessible by train & in a small city with lots on offer, but I imagine you've done that plenty times. Ripon is another option: less accessible, but a beautifully kept racecourse, almost like a floral garden in summer.

    I'm a little disconcerted that @AndyGray1985 is on a buck-free day, but - as they say - even a stallion must rest on the hay (!). I'm not sure whee "they" are, in this context, but nivva mind.

    Enjoy the sun, enjoy yasels. Stay soap-free.
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    Well said sir, plus your spot on with L'enclume in my top 5 eating experiences
  17. We've only been once (for a special wedding anniversary treat) but it was something else. Doubt I could afford it again, like. I had more money (but also less inner peace) back then. Wishart in Edinburgh is prollyz my current favourite, but I'm always looking for good recommendations! I've always fancied going to Locatelli in London but I hate London, which creates something of a dilemma! Mind (and I'm being deadly serious here), Colman's in South Shields takes some beating on quality & when you factor in the price it's almost unbeatable.
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  18. Similar might have happened to me so I always take care with work stuff.

    I also might have accidentally put kisses on professional emails :oops:
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    Morning Ginge, have a good day.

    Morning marra.

    Morning MM, take your ear defenders as a precaution.
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  20. Done most of the northern & south east courses ( btw Chelmsford is the worst viewing by miles but a canny restaurant ) + others like Cheltenham, N Abbot, Salisbury etc. Did a Fri night meeting at Wolver night before WBA couple of yrs agan. Floodlit horse racing had been on my list.

    Might try & tie in a home game with Hexham &/or Cartmel next season. Not done Uttoxeter either ( but been passed it loads of times on trains from Wakey to Stoke/PV.

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