Maximum heart rate

I am 40 so my maximum heart rate should be around 180. My resting heart rate is around 72 and I a reasonably fit although maybe a stone and a half overweight.

Daily, outwith normal walking around, I usually jog half an hour, fast walk an hour and go on the exercise bike for half an hour.

I got a Fitbit charge 3 last week and it tracks your heart rate, etc. I noticed that when pushing myself during the jogging and cycling thay my heart rate has got as high as 209.

Google can’t seem to tell me if this is dangerous or not and I wondered what people’s thoughts are on here?

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I’m 5’10, overweight at 193lbs. Resting heart rate is 60, max 180.

I’m told your max heart rate should be 220 minus your age.


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I would take what the Fitbit tells you with more than a small pinch of salt. I've allegedly been up to the high 180's whilst doing my lunchtime walk (moderately paced) whilst a particularly intense gym session doesn't seem to get me above 150. I think it's useful to track how much time you're active but I wouldn't necessarily trust the values it's giving you. I think @supersesh may be able to offer more insight?


Here’s what we’ve found.

Fitbit’s for overweight people who don’t do much exercise at the START of their journey are accurate enough to get results.

However once you add exercise in the mix it all changes.

They also don’t consider lean muscle into the equation and that changes everything when you’re talking aboit some one with muscle vs fat.

Finally as you diet your metabolism adapts to the lower calorie intake, which can vary depending how harsh you go with it. The fitbit cannot account for that.

All in all they’re okay for a beginner over weight person , walking n day to day life. Anyone else they’re innacurate and you’d be better off with a step counter.


These Fitbits seem like a load of shite judging by some of the threads on here. Can't time runs, can't measure heart rate...