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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by MakemX, Jan 12, 2019 at 9:31 PM.

  1. MakemX

    MakemX Winger

    I am. We were under the cosh a lot from an in form team but as a game it was never boring.
  2. ontap

    ontap Striker

    I was there , enjoyed the game as well , but I have to take issue with "we were better in every department " ,
    our keeper was certainly better , he made 4x top class saves to keep us in it , their lad had nowt to do , even when down to 10 men they managed more shots than us. Am happy with the draw , think thats a fair result although if I was a hatter I'd be a bit disappointed with only a point.
  3. Mackemjmc

    Mackemjmc Midfield

    It would really help if we could put the ball in the net a bit more. Too many draws cos we cant kill teams off. Yes we have this record for scoring in every league game or whatever but we need to stick a few more away. Just cant seem to see teams off and ending up with too many draws.

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