Mark Rough - RIP

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Came out and did a comedy spot when we had Quinny on at Langley a few years back - also had a chat with him when I found out he was in disorder.

RIP Roughy
he was in his late 40's cancer took him. I've been following him facebook over the last few months it has been very disturbing, he withered away to nothing. Terrible news RIP
RIP Roughie mate. Every time I had the pleasure of being in your company you left everybody with a smile on their face - that's quite a feat especially with a miserable old twunt (your word) like me.
Sincerest sympathies to Lorri and the and Roughy fell out over something f***ing miniscule a while back,gutted when i found out the news this morning.....A Sunderland lad made good...R.I.P
Just been told at work by a lad who's mates with Mal Coombs (ex Disorder drummer), Mark lost his battle with testicular cancer, i'd known Mark since i was 16 and he was a smashing lad really good company and just someone who it was a pleasure to be around, he loved his music and even through the punk days of Disorder he was always a mod at heart, i'm shocked as i didn't know he was poorly, he often posted on here and was a fanatical Sunderland fan, my thoughts are with Lorri and his family,RIP Mark :(.[DOUBLEPOST=1385660227][/DOUBLEPOST]
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Met him for the first time this year in Hawes then again at Steeles club.
Seemed a top bloke and worked very hard raising money for Balls to Cancer and another charity.
I know its an old saying but none of us know when our last day on this planet will be.
I have followed his progress on Facebook and I honestly thought that the treatment was working
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