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March Photo Challenge - Landscape Composition - Entries ONLY

Discussion in 'Monthly Competition' started by AB22 Easy Tiger, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Even better than before Staff Member Contributor

    The theme for March is Landscapes, or rather Landscape Composition.

    We're looking for well composed landscape shots and to give you some ideas have a look at a couple of websites:

    Here and Here

    You're all probably aware that we have a pro landscape shooter on the board whowillprobablyenter but youdon'thavetovoteforhim.

    Shots must be taken between now and the end of March. Let's see something interesting.

    Happy shooting
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  2. clyde

    clyde Winger

    well, seeing as seascapes are allowed then i'll chuck this in, took about 90 mins ago in seaham...am i to expect a visit from the horizon hit squad? :)


    full moon
    82 second exposure
    no fireworks or lightsabre's :)
  3. tom tom macute

    tom tom macute Central Defender


    Durham from Sherburn.

    Canon 40d
    28-135mm lens
    Grad ND filter.
    As shot RAW convert to jpg
  4. smoker

    smoker Striker

    View from Weatherhill

  5. paws

    paws Winger

  6. ayesane

    ayesane Guest

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  7. MaDMaCKeM

    MaDMaCKeM Midfield


    Coquetdale, Derby Day - because I wasnt there and couldn't bare to watch or listen to it!
  8. MalmöMakem

    MalmöMakem Midfield

    Couldn't really decided which to submit in the end but I've gone for this one...


    still not sure if its me best one, but hey ho.
  9. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    wanted to try get another before the end of the month but will have to settle for this I think.

    Urgh, looks horrible and dull in JPEG :neutral:

  10. TiredEyes

    TiredEyes Winger

  11. Elliott

    Elliott Full Back

  12. [​IMG]

    I have a panorama that I prefer, but my self imposed rule was that I would not enter panoramas, and I have a sneaky feeling peachy would say it wasn't a landscape ;)
  13. everstar

    everstar Winger


    Marsden is so different nowadays
  14. Steeeeed

    Steeeeed Winger

  15. 2310 Return

    2310 Return Goalkeeper

    Glasson Dock Approach

    The approach to Glasson Dock - dramatic twist to the river close to the remote Dock on the Lancashire Cost not far from Lancaster.

    Panorama created from 5 shots.
  16. super-niall

    super-niall Striker


    Taken in Jarra on Monday 26/3/2012.
  17. Hue Jorgan

    Hue Jorgan Midfield

    Eggs for Tea


    Taken earlier today as the ladies take their walk before tea, bit of a point and shoot this one on my new sony cybershot compact.
  18. My Left Foot

    My Left Foot Midfield

  19. Suburban Landscape

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