Man in the High Castle


I tried to read the book. Got about 1/3 way in and gave up. Then I got soaked to the skin in a London downpour the evening of the referendum. Everything in my bag was saturated and the book had turned into a pulp, so I chucked it away.
The book was really poor.


I got a few episodes in and gave up. I was genuinely sitting there bored out of my brain.

The characters in it were lifeless.
I torn whether to bother as I feel I've had it spoiled for me by its own advertising.
the idea is that the nazis and Japanese won the war, but it's clear from the advertising the this is basically not the case, and they're being lied to. Can someone who watched it confirm this?
No, that's not it. Telling you any more would spoil it, my advice is just watch it and see
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Flying Lotus

The setting and premise were great but it was spoiled by all the sort of ‘supernatural’ stuff that happened. I had to give up halfway through Season 2.


i love Alt-History but the book is dreadful, and i only watched 2 or 3 episodes of the series before stopping

for me, the important bit of alt-history is how you get there in the 1st place, not what happens after


Seen the first 4 or 5 episodes, thought it lacked good storylines and stopped watching it, basically got bored with it.