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  1. Out off?!

    Are you a thickie?
  2. pinewaves1868

    pinewaves1868 Goalkeeper

    Not OUT off, I was being polite and a bit too friendly aparently. I didn't think I needed to be blunt to a person of your towering intellect.
    The missing word was FUCK. As in fuck off you're wrong you thick twat. Stop trying to be clever.
    But I didn't want be offensive. As I say I thought you'd be able to make the leap yourself. I was wrong, so I apologise for over-estimating you.
  3. Ah, so you are a thickie!
  4. pinewaves1868

    pinewaves1868 Goalkeeper

    If that's what you take from my last post then you truly are a diamond and a credit to this board.
    BTW what kind of adult calls someone a "thickie"? Thick as feck, a thick c**t, 'as pigs shit' are all better options. Sounds like a posh school insult from the 40s or 50s. Are you git old? Oh sorry I forgot you're a LORD.
    Just to spell it out for you, no I am not a "thickie". You, however, I'm not so sure. (I am really but don't want to be insulting in case you threaten to meet up & 'spark me out'.
  5. :lol: What a thickie response! :lol:
  6. pinewaves1868

    pinewaves1868 Goalkeeper

    I think I understand now. You prefer simple, ideally single line, responses. In that spirit my considered response is:
    Am not.
  7. The Yorkshire ripper is in Gozo as we speak
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  8. Unlikely, thickie

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