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    This might ring a bell for you then.

    ''It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me.''

    The opening lines from my favourite novel.
    No wonder he was so scathing about the place.
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  2. Its Him Again

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  3. Monty Pigeon

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    My favourite novel too.
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  4. Gravyb0y

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    Spent a lot of time there. Ex gf lives there. Love the place.
  5. Its Him Again

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    When are you back

    Nice to see a MLF here this week planning his wedding
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  6. Gravyb0y

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    Either early August or early October. Probably will be staying Qawra/Bugibba again but have been looking Marsaxlock or Mellieha just for a chill out week.
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  7. Butcher's Coat

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    Used to frequent it back when I was out there with the lads earlier on in the year.
    It was also known to the lads as the "Golden Rivet";)
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  8. Patch

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    @Malta, haven't heard from you in ages mate. Are you still in the testing game?
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  9. Its Him Again

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    He is I believe. Canny lad is Malta
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  10. Love the place and going back to Sliema again in October.

    Paying another visit to my favourite restaurant as well (Porticello , on the Valletta ferry landing)
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  11. Top notch stripclubs if you fancy a dance and a dip for 20 euro

    Top bar that. My apartment was literally a 20 second walk down from there.

    Boy do I miss it.
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  12. Of
  13. The Falcon

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    I miss it the day after I return back here, I’ve stayed in a number of hotels since the first visit in 79 but for the last twenty years The same one I wouldn’t stay anywhere else neither would my family who now take friends with them, I rarely ever go to Bugibba area where we first stayed only to visit the car museum in Qauwra, I much prefer the peace and quiet of the Attard/ Balzan area
  14. Aldyyyy

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    Could murder a Hugo's burger and Hugo's sauce reet now
  15. Gravyb0y

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    Kebab shop on Triq-c-Turisti in Bugibba (opposite the San Antonio) is the best kebab I've ever had.
  16. Malta

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    Yes I am.
  17. Aldyyyy

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    Just found out he's been murdered.
  18. buster

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    Wasn’t he a real dodge pot anyway?
  19. Aldyyyy

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    Love dodge pots me
  20. pinewaves1868

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    Or more seriously it's neither 'out've' or 'out of'. If we're being pedantic it's 'from'. You're welcome.

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