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  1. squashjoe

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  2. MackneyHackem

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    A cesspit.
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  3. hefty em

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    Where British crims go.
  4. Goat Eyes

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  5. squashjoe

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    Cant believe they built a supermarket on prime land on the seafront in Sliema.
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  6. Bladecat

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    Corrected for you
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  7. Gala

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    In London people bray lasses on a bus, in Malta they kill female journalists, both places are shitholes.
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  8. squashjoe

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    Stay on topic Gala, this is about the pretty island of Malta where we have never had a great time or good boat trips.
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  9. Gala

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    Filthy place.
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  10. Why wouldn't they. Lovely climate. Don't know for sure, but i'm guessing English is well accepted. I'm sure there are worse places to spend your escapeadge.
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  11. ravydavygravy

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    Full of Russian wranguns iirc
  12. pinewaves1868

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    Is he the geezer out've Spinal Tap?
  13. squashjoe

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    Its the new costa del crime imo.
  14. hefty em

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    All involved in pyramid schemes that target maltese pensioners life savings iirc.
  15. Shite since 'The Gut' closed down.
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  16. duff_man

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    Any syrian restaurants?
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  17. squashjoe

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    Dodgy passports easy to obtain in the kitchens of some restaurants apparently.
  18. Forrest Gump

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    Harrogate isn’t
  19. mart

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  20. Monty Pigeon

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    I've been to 100+ countries (look at me, etc), and Malta vies with Saudi Arabia as my least favourite.

    There are so many political undercurrents, you constantly have the feeling you've walked in on a bitter family feud. There were constant daily hassles, especially using the buses.

    And it's the only place in which we've been to a restaurant, placed our order, and it never came. After nearly an hour we flagged down the waitress, who tried to make out that it was somehow our fault that she hadn't passed the order on to the kitchen. We decided to leave, at which point the manager told us we couldn't because we'd ordered. We walked out anyway, and for our remaining time on the island we couldn't get over the feeling that they were going to track us down and sort us out.
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