Making a stir fry


All veg prepped ... Onion, peppers, carrot etc.

Rice/noodles cooked.

Chopped ginger, chopped, garlic, chopped chilli.

Use a groundnut or sesame oil.. they have a higher burning point..

Heat oil in wok.. sling in chilli, garlic ginger and cubed/sliced protein.. stir fry to get a bit of colour and then sling in veg... Cook on high heat moving often.. if looks too dry add a but if veg stock... After 3 or 4 minutes sling in rice/ noodles and cook for another couple minutes

Serve with plenty of fresh coriander and some sliced spring onions . And maybe slivvers if fresh chilli..

Dave Herbal

Pan as hot as ya can (still won't be as hot a proper wok burner). Plenty oyster sauce. Plenty light soy sauce (not dark). Chinese rice wine to de-glaze the pan. Sesame oil to season at the end.

If you doing chicken, velvet it with cornflour and soy sauce for a little while before hand.
What the fucks this shite? Meat in, veg in, noodles in, sauce in (Tesco stir fry deal). Done.


An okay stir fry is easy, a really good one though is much more difficult than other cuisines. Need a flame thrower to get the Wok hot enough and proper authentic ingredients. To do a decent main, rice and noodles you probably need three woks too!