Maja did we have a sell on clause

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Wonder if England try to pursued him to switch allegiance from Nigeria. I notice he has one cap but that is only a friendly.

Eddie Hitler

He's agent got him a move to one of the top teams in France and a deal that will probably set him and his family up for life.

I hope my kids don't get a scumbag agent like that!
They told lies to get the move. " give him what he wants and he stays " we did and he still went. Scumbags

I also dont give a fuck about his future, why would I?
No disrespect marra but who fucking cares man?

He wanted to leave and he and his scumbag agent made sure it happened, even though we offered what they asked for.

Fuck him!
Every Sunderland fan should care. If he continues in this form and gets a move for £40m whether or not we have a sell on clause would have a big impact on us and our ability to get back up the leagues.


Sunderland are believed to have negotiated a ten percent sell-on clause in the deal to sell Josh Maja to Bordeaux.

The top goalscorer's move to France's top tier was confirmed on Saturday, which is believed to be worth £3.5m overall.

Half of that fee is based on appearances and other bonuses, while a big chunk will also be used to pay Bordeaux back money still owed for the 2016 transfer of Wahbi Khazri.

From what I remember was that if SAFC kept him until the end of the season, then they would have got fuck-all for him.
So they got what they could for him before that happened.
Well, they may have gotten a promotion out of the deal. 15 goals in 21 games as a young kid.

Fuck up of epic proportions letting him go over a few bob, marra.
All if's and but's marra.
He went, and we didn't gan up - the rest of the team didn't do the business, and pointing to Maja going is just deflecting the problem we have/had
Pointless thinking about what might have been IMHO.