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  1. I don't drink it but 18 cans 440ml for £9 in Asda (the red cans) seemed cheap.
  2. StripedPaddy

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  3. Discopants91

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  4. Sounds a bargain
  5. pele

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    I know who will @hank williams
  6. safc1981

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  7. Pepe

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    Never understood the ice thing in a pub when it is cold to begin with.
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  8. Reptilia

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    It does taste better over ice to be fair like.
  9. MunkyHeed

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    Bottled wasp pheromones.
  10. dangermows

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    Drinks aisle

    The cooler the drink the lesser the flavour so that makes sense.
  11. Pepe

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    I can't say I have noticed to be honest. I like the normal bottled beer type size on a sunny day in a pub garden (no ice iirc).
  12. Tommasi

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    Is Magners and Bulmers the same?
  13. Boz33

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    Different names for a start like
  14. Tommasi

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    Well obviously :lol: just remember loads of people saying that when people first started drinking Magners over ice 10 odd years ago.
  15. Doberman

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    I normally ask the bar staff to throw my pint in the microwave before serving it like. Taste sensation. :cool:
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  16. Kingdom Bhoy

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    Aldi in Millfield currently selling six bottles of Magners for £5.25.
  17. nyron4england

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    Pretty much aye. Always one or the other on offer so just alternate between the two
  18. PTR

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    Just shows how much they were taking the piss charging about £1.50 a bottle for it in supermarkets when it first became a big thing!
  19. Kingdom Bhoy

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    Magners and Bulmers in Ireland are the same drink. In the UK Bulmers is a different drink/company.
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  20. ouro

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    Yes. Magners is rebranded Bulmers and more than twice the price,

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