Maddison (no it's not a transfer)


I don't deny Grigg has under performed but Maddison has started off on the same vane as last year. He shows attacking intent and can certainly make a telling pass.
No matter who we get there are no guarantees. Just watch the EFL highlights and see what he provides.
But Grigg scored more goals at championship level last year in less games than he's played here so far. just because Maddison does well at Peterborough it doesn't mean he's a good fit here.

At Peterborough they seem quite attack minded and have Eisa and Toney who seem to have a bit of pace and mobility going forward and are scoring their goals. I'm only summarising but Maddison may be a fantastic allround player or he may be someone who at this level can simply pick a pass or get the ball into the right area, which makes him stand out given they have players who can capitalise on that.

the most obvious thing that stands out is that his numbers stack up and yet he's available because of a clause for about 2m and not championship club have snapped him up or really looked likely to.


Expensive at his value and questions on his attitude.

Surely we can get better for cheaper from a foreign market, when you look at the success of the likes of Said Benrahma and Buendia in the league above
Doubt we’ll see many / any foreign signings over the next few years. They’re very much a punt because we don’t know how they’ll adapt. I think we’re all about safe bets & the right personalities rather than unearthing the next foreign superstar. But as has been mentioned, the likes of Grigg shows you can never be certain