Mad Things that have happened at Sunderland since you’ve been supporting?


I still don't understand what this was all about, loved Reidy but it just seems spiteful for no reason.
In September 1962 he signed for Sunderland for £23,000.[5][4] Mulhall made 289 appearances and scored 67 goals for Sunderland,[3] and he helped the team to win promotion to the First Division in 1963–64.[5] Mulhall was ever-present that season, as part of a run of 114 consecutive appearances.[3]

Mulhall moved into coaching upon his playing retirement first becoming trainer-coach at Halifax Town.[5] He was promoted to first team manager in 1972, and held this position until September 1974.[6] A month later he moved to Bolton Wanderers where he spent four years as coach and assistant manager.[5]

Reidy was at Bolton from 74-82, we had some great times under Reidy but he was a bit of a knob at times.


Full Back
Spiderman and Buffon.
Nosworthy putting Del Pierro on his arse.
Nosworthy putting it out for an opposition corner from within his own half.
Bally digging a trench nearly the width of the pitch with a sliding tackle.
Surely putting the ball out for an opposition corner is the norm from your own half? Can you even put the ball out for a non opposition corner?


Chelsea offering a million quid for Gordon Armstrong, when a million quid was a lot of money, and turning it down.
Gary Owers too (forest iirc)
Could have built a very decent side with £2m back then!
Peter Reid deliberately dropping Dariusz Kubicki so he didn’t get the all time appearance record
Everyone was just staggered at that. Especially as Hall was fucking terrible.
Never.......ever..... replacing Chris Makin
Letting Alex Rae go because we were moving onto bigger and better things - yet never actually having a CM as good as him since.
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