Mackies corner area


Me and our lass always get the 4 tapas and 2 drinks for £24. Great deal and the food is quality.

Got pizzas delivered from them during lockdown and they were top notch, too.
Yes we had the tapas offer. Got an extra tapas and some chips. Only came to £31. Excellent value and the good was spot on

I'll definitely be going back

E Tenebris Lux

Full Back
With Mackies corner being developed possibly a bar amongst other things there the old Elephant tea rooms/ Bank of Scotland and the former Elizabeths cafe going to be cafe/bars the old JJB building opening as a pub again and the Central open again it's all happening around there. Well done Sunderland city council.
About time, support the town centre. Plenty old licences to develop new bar/restaurants.