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Mackems V Mags Fans game this summer (Manchester)

Discussion in 'Greater Manchester' started by Jelly Belly, May 8, 2017.

  1. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    Now then, a while ago I muted the suggestion of us putting a team together representing the SAFC Manchester Branch Vs a North West Mags game for Charity and it died a bit of a death because there were no Mags around to get a side together. But yet in true 1992 style they've had a taste of glory over the weekend and crawled from under their rocks and decided they can scrape together enough players.

    We will be looking to play at a half decent venue during the summer, one of the venues mentioned is the Athletics Stadium next to the Etihad Stadium which is available for one off games for around £350 per game, the price split between the players.

    It's all very early days but who on here would be interested in taking part?

    I'll keep checking in on this post to see how we are getting on.
  2. I could be if I sort my knee out.
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  3. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    Nice one mate, it's early days. I'll be seeing them tonight to see how they're getting on with their side of things
  4. davidH

    davidH Subs Bench

    Definitely be up for it.
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  5. glen

    glen Winger

    I did announce on twitter a couple of month ago, that due to two gammy knees I was retiring. And put my Puma Kings up for sale, but as they didn't sell, I could bring them down and do 10-20 mins if you're desparate
  6. PineappleHeed

    PineappleHeed Central Defender

    Depending when it is, give me a shout for sure.
  7. db1973

    db1973 Reserve Squad

    I can play and there's a guy I work with who supports the darks side if they need numbers, just depends when it is
  8. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    Cheers lads, this is still in the very early stages but I'm making a note of everyone who interested and will update everyone.

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