M1 &M25 Speed Cameras going live today

Discussion in 'SMB' started by molthemackem, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. dcl0sc

    dcl0sc Striker

    I thought an instant ban was going 30 mph over the limit?
  2. molthemackem

    molthemackem Striker

    apparently you can be banned for just exceeding the speed limit from what I was told this morning....I probably depends what the conditions are like and which copper is trying to up his figures.
  3. Hull_Mackem

    Hull_Mackem Winger

    Personally I'm quite happy for those that break the law to subsidise my law abiding life.

    I'd fine people who don't recycle properly at home as well.
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  4. yamar1

    yamar1 Striker

    you get 3 points for speeding at 75 ish, not 6. 90mph maybee 6 pts, not a ban.
  5. It’s a spoof. Bit like Sainsbury vouchers and holiday giveaways by companies that don’t need too
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  6. Titus

    Titus Striker

    Reliably informed :lol:

    Been posts of this on social media for weeks
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  7. Rusty

    Rusty Midfield

    Over 92 and its court I think. Or so I was told when caught doing 95 about 15 years ago. Thankfully copper just gave me 3 points and £60 fine.
  8. DoctorMick

    DoctorMick Striker

    A copper can’t ban you can they? That’s up to the courts.
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  9. whoever invented SMART motorways is probably involved in the same consultancy that designed our home shirts last year.
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  10. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    Motorways were supposed to replace trains as the nation’s rapid transit system. What was the point if they’re going to keep lowering the limits?
  11. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    They aren’t though in the main are they, national speed limit still applies to the vast majority of motorways and that is still 70mph for cars.
  12. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    Aye, but there seems to be more and more smart ones popping up that change down to 50 if there’s a breakdown on the hard shoulder 200 miles ahead.
  13. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    Improves traffic flow and stops congestion

    SMART motorways 100% make your journey faster if people stick around the signposted limit.

    Anyone who disagrees obviously hasn't spent much time on a motorway
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  14. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

    Herbal likes to do 90 the whole way though
  15. duff_man

    duff_man Striker

    They improve safety and can improve traffic flow when slowing people down can actually speed things up overall.
  16. Bishop Mackem

    Bishop Mackem Striker

    Don't get me wrong I rarely look at the Speedo when there's no cameras about and its national speed limit, I just go whatever speed feel necessary at the time but generally stop at 100

    However the SMART motorways are a good send when it's busy, would rather be constantly moving at 50 mph than end up stuck at a standstill because everyone flew towards congestion at 70mph
  17. MalmöMakem

    MalmöMakem Midfield

    It'll be the same as every year. It's the same as the cameras on M42. I use that a fair bit and provided you don't do 80 plus you're usually fine. M25 tends to be a bit more brutal. I've seen people get flashed doing just over 80. Half the cameras aren't in operation on the gantries and the ones that are working are 24/7 either way. It's the newer average cameras that are a fuck on. We have them on M4 for 50mph and a lot of people get stuck on.

    Due to speedometer calibrations you usually have a 10% +2, but with modern cars it's not as prevalent so you might find this starts to change. Basically, so long as you're under 96mph in a 70 you'll get 3pts and fine. Anything faster and you're going to court.

    TAFKAHM Winger

    Good job I stick to the speed limit then !
  19. The Lonious Monk

    The Lonious Monk Midfield

    There are many cities here in California that are getting rid of them because there were too many issues with them. One of my coworker's told me that their neighbor got out of a ticket because he said it violated his constitutional rights as it put the burden of proof on him. I don't know if that's true but I can see someone making that case.
  20. Dave Herbal

    Dave Herbal Striker

    90 is fine if the outside lane is empty. Above that you have to switch your brain to racing driver mode and it requires too much concentration to do it for any length of time.
    It’s all well and good ze Germans having derestricted sections, but have you ever tried driving at 150+? No, neither have I :lol:
    But I’ve done 130ish and if that speck in the distance slows down suddenly you’re on top of it in a second. You’d be mentally drained after driving like that for more than a few miles.
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