Well they can't be expected to recoup that 20m. He's been pretty shocking his value will have plummeted somewhat.

I'd of snapped their hands off at 54m.
Not saying I think he’s worth it like, just that I can understand why they’d turn it down.

I think he’s shite, personally.


He should stay in England. Don't think he's as bad as all that & was showing some development towards the end of the year.

His problem is that they've just handed Rashford a new deal and this Mason Greenwood looks a talent.

Mr David

He’s a stat peddler and is being found out at a massive club. Everton was the perfect fit, he is not good enough for Manchester United.


He’s still at a good age and his goals record is around 1 in 2 everywhere he’s been. Newcastle are about to pay 40 million for a bloke with a shite record in the German league. As popular as it is to knock him, he’s a very good striker. They’ll get more than 54 million for him.