Love This Miracle.


who was it that squeezed that cross in from the right for Larsons goal at Old trafford ?
The passage of play when we are 1 up where we made about 3,000 passes culminating in borini hitting the crossbar was unreal - would have been one of the best goals ever if that shot was 3 inches lower.
Yep I wish there was a video of that available somewhere ?
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No idea how we managed that. I genuinely thought we were on our way down but by some miracle Connor Wickham turned into Zlatan for a few games.
And then reverted to type after Palace paid us a kings ransom for the big lump. :lol::lol:


Central Defender
He did, he's a good footballer when he's fit / can be bothered.
Imagine if he could keep up that level of play consistently?

He always used to come in the petrol station where I used to work in his expensive sports cars dressed in designer clothes splashing the cash on half the shop and his entourages petrol. He seemed to be travelling back down south a lot when he was here.

Not to say he’s a bad lad like he seemed sound enough in person but he came across like he was more interested in the footballers lifestyle than knuckling down and being a good footballer.