**Love Island official thread**

If it is something minor it’d probably best for him or his agent to “leak” it. By not disclosing the reason he was kicked out results in loads of rumours which are probably worse.

Get Into Em

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Snap. Serious issues.

I have a feeling she might not be Curtis's type anyway.
I can't believe that she's just explained it exactly how I thought it was to Lucy and Joe. I thought I must have atleast read it wrong:lol:.

Are the couples usually like this at the beginning? Seems everyone is sound in their couples, the only ones I can see budging are Anton and Anna and it's not like they're even together.


Bloody arful that Amy. "Just coming to apologise for yesterday whilst also reinforcing how I felt yesterday and slagging you off in the meantime"


"can you do my eyebrows?" :lol:

What a lad Tommy would be, if getting your eyebrows done was a thing for lads.