Louis Tomlinson’s sister dead at 18

Discussion in 'SMB' started by TheBronzeBummer, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. JL1985

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    Poor boy. He was on the radio last week saying he's struggling badly after the death of his mother.

    Hopefully he's got some good people to look after him.
  2. Nookie Bear

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    I cried on the way to work (I know I’m a softie) when I heard his new single about his mam earlier in the week and an interview with him, to suffer the loss of his sister now is just bloody terrible.
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  3. That's awful that. The poor lad :cry:
  4. RichD

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    Such sad news, her family will be devastated...
  5. dafunk2

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    Really sad news. At 18 years old it makes me wonder if the cardiac arrest was through natural circumstances or not.
  6. Summer Bee

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    absolutely no age that, poor lad
  7. It's more common than you think.
    Have a look at the website of the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)
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  8. Fred Secrets

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    First thing I thought.
  9. ilovehorswill

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    I hear ya but grief affects us in many ways

    If wasn't bad enough there's the headrush you get after a massive wank
  10. buster

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    Worst case scenario is the same result though.
  11. Thackeray

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    So is cancer and pneumonia, doesn't make them the same thing.
  12. TheBronzeBummer

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    I knew that but I don’t know the differences. How did she die? Because I read it was a heart attack.
  13. box2box

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    Feel for the lad, terrible time for him

    He has much younger siblings also
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  14. Thackeray

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    A heart attack is caused by a blockage in the heart, usually a blood clot, a cardiac arrest is essentially an electrical failure of the heart when it goes into hyper-rapid rhythym.

    People who have heart attacks don't usually lose consciousness, they have the classic acute pain in the heart and down the left arm, people who have cardiac arrests usually lose consciousness immediately.

    People who have heart attacks don't usually die from them, people who have cardiac arrest usually die within small numbers of minutes.

    A heart attack can cause cardiac arrest but most cardiac arrests are not caused by heart attacks.

    AEDs are used to treat cardiac arrests by restoring the heart's regular rhythm, AEDs cannot treat heart attacks.

    I believe this young lady died from a cardiac arrest.
  15. gazza.1990

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    RIP, bloody awful what hes going through at the moment.

    Also some awful inappropriate posts on this thread that I hope dont continue.
  16. ilovehorswill

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    The Mail says heart attack repeatedly then says cause is being investigated. So it's probably not a heart attack.

    Cases like these are lapped up by the tabloids because of the emotion and tragedy. This doesn't mean they know their facts.

    Sudden Cardiac Death - c-r-y.org.uk
  17. My Boy Harry

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    18: sad

    Rip young lady

    My son who is 17 was taken to hospital last week with chest pains. Didn’t help though that he is a gym fanatic and taking the shite, unbeknown to me, that the younguns take eg caffeine tablets etc

    He was told by the doctor to pack taking these tablets in
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  18. Thackeray

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    I am doing some very modest fundraising for Cardiac Risk in the Young at the moment.

    Feel free to PM if you'd like to chip in.

    That's you @Grammar Police
  19. the dark one

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    Well I live and learn mate. Good info by the way. I thought one was a posh word for the other..
  20. raindog

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    Often a genetic defect while in the womb. Terribly tragic when this happens out of the blue.. Cant imagine what the family are going through.

    Sudden cardiac death in the young can often be due to spontanious abnormal heart rythm or weakness in the ascending or descening aortic artery which cause a rupture and you essentually bleed to death inside.
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