nowt against the lad, wish him well...with the talk of once the LB is sorted it will be a case of 'one out, one in' i wonder if this signals another new one in?


Painfully slow, he should retire, he's lost any pace he once had. I'll bet he was never particularly quick. I wish him well though, he can't have enjoyed his time here considering how little he's played.
Remember we didn't have enough players for training sessions last season? Brought in as an experienced pro who is coming to the end of his career. Should be no hard feelings towards the bloke.
He was still signed to play though and he showed in his first game he wasn't up to it. He was a poor signing regardless of how desperate we were for players.
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Well and truly past his best. Sometimes signing experienced centre halves works like Bould but most occasions they’re another Kenny Cunningham.