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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Mr.Thunders, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. yorkyexile

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    It`s 20th century community marra. Means nowt apart from if you want service X find us some mug to do it for nowt
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  2. A 3 year old girl in the west mids was recently killed on one.
  3. Oli Wagkz

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  4. Arkle

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    Having just read the story, I'm not sure a level crossing would have stopped the driver in question.
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  5. Seagulls can't even cross without getting karate chopped.
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  6. andymulesafc

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    A lollipop woman in Shields was almost killed a few years ago when a car failed to stop. Nowt is 100% safe. Down to the drivers to be more responsible.

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  7. Cookie

    Cookie Midfield

    Not the kids and parents crossing the road that's the problem, it's the ***** driving the cars at 40mph past schools that's the issue.
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  8. Beaker

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    The wife near my house is a fucking nuisance. She stops traffic when the kids are still 20 feet away from the kerb. She never holds out her lollipop to indicate her intention to step into the road, she just waltzes out, sometimes whilst not looking at all. That and she does it for everyone, not just the kids. Every day she's responsible for jamming up a whole main road.

    Get rid and let the little fuckers take their chances.
  9. CheersMarra84

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    We had a lass doing it on a pelican crossing near me. Seemed like a waste to put her there since there was a primary school down the road without one.
  10. dangermows

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    Bastards? It's all being forced by the government.
  11. Patch

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    I'm sure the one around our way does it for nowt anyway. He does it through a sense of civic duty (and all the boxes of chocolates he gets at Christmas).
  12. Aye still very sad though, I was trying to make the point that pelican crossings aren't always safe. Drivers in Nottingham tend to not bother much with them or park on them when traffic is stationary.
  13. muggboots

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    The unpaid volunteer replacement part of previously paid jobs you berk.
  14. dangermows

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    Aye, I know. Berk. It's called budgets being slashed left, right and centre #BigCommunity
  15. Mr.Thunders

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    They have those model children from all ethnic backgrounds at crossings aswell
  16. muggboots

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    Let's replace yours then. I'm sure loads of people would love to do yours for nowt.
  17. In some parts of Nottingham. On outer edges there are big council estates of mostly honkies.
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  18. dangermows

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    Eh? If councils budgets are cut, what do you expect them to do? They are trying to keep as many services going, but with less cash. What should they do? Just sack it off all together? I'd rather have a volunteer doing it than there not being one. #ToryBastards
  19. muggboots

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    Please yourself, it's the thin end of a very large wedge and plays right into the Tory wankers hands.

    Replace one and it becomes an easy choice to do it again and again. Where does it end? Don't bother answering, I can't be arsed. :lol:
  20. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Aren't councils hands completely tied when it comes to budgets? Here's how much you're getting, like it or lump it? Suppose they could just bladder some fat cats at the top. My point was more it's a vital service, and anyway we can keep it going is a good thing.

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