Lockdown book reading thread.


So far -
Stephen king - the institute (quite a return to form but thought the ending was lame)
I am Michael alago by Michael alago ( guy who signed Metallica to Electra. There’s also a documentary on Netflix ‘who the f**k is that guy?) Good. But if you’ve seen the doc, that’s better. I know him so was a bit more interesting lol.
flea - acid for the children. Good read especially if you’re a rhcp fan.
Chuck palahniuk - choke. Not for the faint hearted but an enjoyable read.
just started - Arthur nersesian - the f**k up.
In the pile...
Tony O’Neill - sick city
Kate Grenville - the secret garden.
Charles Fraser - cold mountain.
Any other recommendations?!


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I started Peter Crouch's 'How to be a Footballer' a couple of weeks back to be light reading on the plane journey to Cyprus. A lot has changed since then but I've still only read 10% of the fucker despite a promising start.
Crouch is milking his post football 5 minutes of fame like never before.
Currently reading High Fidelity for about the 10th time.
Was one of the books that got me (back) into reading. Holds a special place for me that one.


Central Defender
I’m usually a massive reader, but last 2-3 months I’ve struggled and barely read a thing.

One of the main reasons I’m reading it again is that it always gets me back into reading.
Reading is generally my one big constant obsession. I have definitely found the last couple of months a bit tougher as there have been some big distractions so my reading has slowed down but I am still getting through some

High Fidelity and The Beach (along with a few others) marked a big turning in my life. I have no idea where HF is so am now tempted to order it again and read it soon
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