Lockdown book reading thread.

That's a hard one to answer, depending on you definition of arty-farty, but on a scale of 1 = Sven Hassell and 10 = Finnegan's Wake, I'd say it's a five. It's by no means a highbrow literary or experimental novel, but it's beautifully written, and is far from a basic plot propped up by cardboard characters and a few action scenes but no depth at the other end either.
I started Peter Crouch's 'How to be a Footballer' a couple of weeks back to be light reading on the plane journey to Cyprus. A lot has changed since then but I've still only read 10% of the fucker despite a promising start.


The Flame Bearer - book 10 in the last kingdom series Bernardf Cornwell
Englands Dreamning Jon Savage
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