Lockdown = Absolutely ZERO Flu



Not a single case of influenza has been detected by public health officials in England for the past seven weeks, with infection rates at historic lows amid the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.
The social restrictions brought in to curb transmission of coronavirus, combined with increased uptake of the flu vaccine, have both been credited with driving down infections.
Thousands of swab samples are processed and analysed by scientists at Public Health England (PHE) every week to survey the prevalence of different respiratory diseases in the population.
But of the 685,243 samples that have been reviewed at PHE’s laboratories since the first week of January, not a single one has tested positive for influenza.

Just imagine how much worse Covid could have been if we hadn't done the lockdown measures. Yet people still think its all lies.
We will get every bug going as soon as we are allowed out to mix. Absolutely nailed on. Watch out for a record flu season this winter


Of course they will, they're completing inhumane
The 21st of June plan to ‘remove all restrictions on social contact’ is good enough for me. At that point, even if masks remain strongly advised or mandatory, people will simply vote with their feet and decide they won’t wear them. The process will snowball - people will go to the supermarket, see a third of the people haven’t bothered, next time they won’t bother ......


Always hated that workplace attitude of “unless I’m dead, I’ll be in”.

It just means staff make shite decisions to come when they may as well have not, due to how useless they are or they end up terrified of being ill. Plus those coming in ill who are perhaps more stoic, end up infecting others and you just end up with more shite.


Same old shit, people passing off opinions as fact because they've read it or watched it somewhere and it fits what they want to believe, if they even understand it.

My favourite throughout the pandemic has been the varied bullshit about masks. The same people saying, "masks are pointless they don't stop anything" shortly followed by, "masks are dangerous they will stop your immune system from working because you need to get bugs into your system" and they can't even see the lack of consistency between the two statements.
The thing with masks was that as soon as the scientific evidence was shared, anyone who isn't an idiot simply said "ah, we were wrong, no problem I'll wear one"
Not flu I know but our house has gone through the winter without anyone ill. First time I can remember that in 20 odd years, amazing what lockdown/social distancing and much better personaly hygine can achieve innit ? :lol:

I will continue the whole hand wash as soon as getting in the car or back in the house for good, never really thought shit could spread that simple, in my mind you had to get a direct blast of a bug to get ill, I think I was very wrong now.
Care homes have said the same.
If they can keep covid out, their residents have never been so well not having families in. Dementia residents have never been as calm either