RTG Local Events Section


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If you wish to add details about an event, you should use the "Events" tab at the top of the forums (available from the forum menu on mobile devices) and then "Submit an Event".

Whilst we prefer to have events added by the promoter/organiser of the event and them to be here to answer questions about it, any registered forum member may create details of an event. If you are not a registered member and wish to promote your event you will need to register on the forums first.

All events will need to be approved by the moderation team.

Commercial events are allowed but only when there is likely to be general interest by the public as a whole - so "Karaoke at the Red Lion" for example would not be acceptable. The owner and moderators of RTG will have the final say in which events are allowed.

All events should be in Sunderland or the surrounding area unless they relate to SAFC (ie. away matches)


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I was alerted that I had an upcoming event in good time. I thought it was an excellent feature. I made a video.