Ling's Cars


Announced she is retiring and giving her business to her staff.
I’m sure she will still be retaining a stake to provide her with a decent income, but it’s a great idea turning the business over to her loyal employees who will no doubt be giving 110% to continue its success.
I did notice she was selling her farm so I suspected she was struggling for dosh, clearly not she’s f***ing off around the world on her bike!


Saw they were in bother for a "Black Cars Matter" promo they did.

‘I asked Holly for a headline for this A4… and she said: “Once you go black, you never go back!”‘

The advert also referred to a ‘big gearknob’.

Suppose it's on brand :lol:

Goat Eyes

Saw they were in bother for a "Black Cars Matter" promo they did.

Suppose it's on brand :lol:
That was donkeys ago.

Nice gesture. Hope it remains successful for everyone. Time to change the website. As quirky as it is it’s f***ing horrific.


Central Defender
Lots of people mentioning you might get a new car soon... well...

Do you know what, if anyone wants a new car, you'll have to bloody get on with it as soon as this Death Virus lets us back outside.

Anyone here work at Nissan? EVERY new car factory in Europe (the World?) is closed... and Nissan workers can back me up when I say that after the cars that are sat around have been sold there will be FUCK ALL new cars for ages. Not just the factories that are the issue, there will be no parts to build the cars with, or windscreens, or tyres, plus quite a few workers will have pegged it. The new car prices will go up, and nearly-new cars and used car prices will go up too. This will be a supply nightmare. Cars will be like tinned tomatoes and loo roll. Start thinking ahead, this is a game changer, this Death Virus.

So, if I were you (anyone), I'd get orders in for PHYSICAL cars, as any factory orders will be stuffed. Buy what exists. There are some pre-reg Qashqais, some Citroens and that kind of shite floating around, but I wouldn't be too picky. 4-wheels, tick, get that one. Colour, any, tick, get that one.

Hope that helps.
I work at Nissan ling we are working overtime and have just put 4 Saturdays on ! after the fall in demand when the virus hit it’s now picking up every month ,we can’t make enough!