Light nights

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Gala, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Gala

    Gala Midfield

    Arnly a week to gan before the nights start closing in.

    I’m in the garden watering the plants, drinking wine, posting shite and wearing shades.:cool:

    Do you make the most of the longer days?
  2. dred

    dred Winger

    Where do you live? Its blowing a gale on Sunderland.
  3. Gala

    Gala Midfield

    Seaburn, glorious.
  4. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    Love the light nights me.

    School summer holidays should coincidence with the longest day. Let’s have June and July off.
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  5. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Spent 3 days in northern Sweden around summer solstice time a few years ago. Was strange not seeing darkness for the duration of my trip. Walked home from a pub at about 1am and it was broad daylight.
  6. dred

    dred Winger

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  7. Jack Wolforskin

    Jack Wolforskin Midfield

    I bet your wallet was fucking light anarl?
  8. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Was it fucking not, nearly £30 for 3 drinks. Great weekend though.
  9. ShieldsGreggs4

    ShieldsGreggs4 Full Back

    You located in the Bahamas?
  10. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Had a beach party on Roker on solstice night a few years ago. Little camp fire gannin. Was a canny neet. Great watching the sun come up on the horizon.
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  11. Gala

    Gala Midfield

    Invite me next time mate, like in 7 days.
  12. Gil Gunderson

    Gil Gunderson Goalkeeper

  13. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    West coast of Ireland’s great this time of year. BBQ, beers and it’s still light at 11.
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  14. rapscallion

    rapscallion Winger


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