Lewis Morgan


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He may show some interest for his parent club, like majority of loans. Less loans the better for us this year.


He might yet be decent but most wingers can be inconsistent over a few matches and he was inconsistent over ten minutes! Didn't look strong enough to compete to me and never really looked fully fit, blowing out his arse after 30 mins. There's something there though, wouldn't rule out the possibility of him developing into a good player.


starts for Celtic in their champions league game tonight. That is all
Must say I’m surprised. Didn’t impress in league one.

Thought he was poor more than he was average.
This, had probably two games where he was just above average tbf to him but generally looked about or just below the standard for third tier English football, not at all that arsed that he's gone back.
Couldn’t agree more mate. Thought he was poor most of the time with the occasional bit of skill. Weak as piss.
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