Level you played at/ Level you should have played at.

School team but the twit of a sports master would only play me at right-back, I was a forward, I had a good shot on me, was good in the air and I always got in the right place at the right time, I got pissed off and stopped going, I always felt he didn't like me, he was ex-Arsenal, I remember seeing an article about money due to ex-players, I showed him the article and I know he got a payout, I've always regretted telling him.


Played in the russell foster top league as a kid and for the school teams but was never scouted. Despite being a massive football fan I never really enjoyed it, felt so much pressure that I put on myself and my dad put on me. Stopped playing at 17 ,18. Had some phases of playing 5 a side since which I enjoyed more and played some good stuff . Don't think I would ever have been good enough to make it. I probably had enough athleticism to make it as a pro but not the highest level. I had good vision and technique. Lacked the mental side of things though, was one footed and probably wasn't suited to team sport.
Not that great. Played for my school which was one of the better sides in Tyne & Wear at the time and in the Russell Foster league (third tier from memory). Stopped at 16 and started playing Rugby instead. Got to County level with that.


Central Defender
Made the school B team early in my career for a season or 2.

Remember vividly the day I realised it was all over. A uni trial fixture of some sort. Went on a mazy run from the halfway line, scored. Then was knackered for the rest of the game. I was 18


I was the Franz Beckenbauer of Hartlepool's Sunday (afternoon) league. I was always too hungover from going out Friday evening and getting home about 4 or 5 am Sunday morning to play in the morning leagues where all the good players played. On occasions I kept the score down to 7 or 8-1 defeats, without me it'd have been 9 or 10-0 easily
Wearside League was my peak.
Been told my height held me back from being a keeper at a higher level, as was half decent technically. Being 5"8 isn't ideal for between the sticks for any team that isn't desperate 😂

Played in the Scarborough League when down there and the standard varies from good Northern League level players in top teams, to 4th division Durham District Sunday league players in the bottom ones.


Played for East Durhams for a game or 2 but was super shy in them days and stopped going.
Goerge Courtney was my first football teacher/ manager and picked me for school team when I was in 2nd year and rest of team were 4th years.
Been told I was really good left footer and compared too Waddle.
Remember scoring winner on debut and the rest of team carrying me off on the shoulders.
Rest i can't really remember.
Stopped playing when realised women were sexy.

AC Mack

I played Saturdays at the pyramid level below semi-pro, and top amateur league on a Sunday. So top end amateur. Just 5 aside for me now, though my team are generally top of the premier league at Goals (Leeds) :cool:

Like many others, I'd have been better if I'd applied myself at a younger age.


Rubbish, but enthusiastic, footballer. Highlight was beating the U16 Scottish champions at 5-a -side.
Rugby, competent, but, not quite good enough - highlight wasps development squad, but, nowhere near good enough to have ever got a game for the 1st XV.
Cricket, quite good, but, geographically challenged as a kid- not much cricket in Fort William (didn't start playing until I was 18). Turned out I could bowl quite sharpish. Highlight - playing against Ian Bishop and Derek Randall (and a few others) in a charity match.

In summary - inept, but, with a couple of war stories.