Lesser-known latter period songs by once-loved bands who split then reformed years later (or otherwise dropped off the grid)

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Saint Etienne, they never split but not so much interest in their later albums. I really enjoy 'Whyteleafe' from the latest album 'Home Counties' that was released in 2017.

The Jesus and Mary Chain split in 1999, reunited in 2007 and released their comeback album in 2016. It's nothing groundbreaking but is a decent listen. Here's Amputation from that comeback album.

Dinosaur Jr performing 'I Told Everyone' from their latest album 'Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not' (released in 2016).

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KISS - Hell or Halleluja

Blue Oyster Cult - Live For Me:

Journey - Where Did I Lose Your Love

Foreigner - Running The Risk

Heaven and Hell (essentially Black Sabbath with Dio) - Shadow of The Wind



Wouldn't worry about it. The majority of songs show why interest in the bands involved probably waned. Not to say they're all awful but they generally have a slight whiff of desperation / defeat about them.
There’s some truly awful music being dug up on this thread. WTF is wrong with peoples ears ferchrissakes? I’m genuinely shocked that people old enough to remember these bands still haven’t moved on in their tastes or developed critical faculties. Frightening stuff. No wonder the worlds turning to shit.
I’m fuckin surprised at you. Really I am. You’ve let your ears down, you’ve let yourself down, but most importantly you’ve let the smb down. Fans of other clubs may see this thread man!
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The Wildhearts. 2 releases this year from their second reunion (although probably technically the third or 4th time they reformed). This is the title track from last week’s EP
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The Beatles - enjoyed a bit of success in the 60s. Got back together to release two singles in the mid 90s and promote an 8 part documentary tv series called The Beatles Anthology.


daventry cat

this appeared on the politics forum(of all places) earlier and I have to say its a bit good and would seem to meet the criteria