Leicester Helicopter Crash

Discussion in 'SMB' started by lenshack, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. lenshack

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  2. How often are helicopters serviced?
  3. muggboots

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    Not often enough, sometimes. Same as owt else though, things can go wrong out of the blue now and again. Unfortunately, gravity can be a cruel Mistress.
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  4. I’ve seen shows where pilots routinely check the planes before flight but have no idea of the pre fight protocol for a helicopter pilot

    Though reads like it was a deep internal problem so any superficial check, would have been unlikely to see any problem
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  5. BlackOps

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    Would servicing pick that up? Im not convinced. The millions of key parts on an aircraft and servicing checks them all?
  6. Agreed. I don’t know. We usually have someone who could shed light on helicopter maintenance protocol
  7. More often than @tunstall birdman
  8. muggboots

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    You've got to remember that almost every pilot, while performing their pre-flight checks, which they've done probably hundreds or thousands of times from the very first lesson they had, really doesn't want to die screaming in a 500mph aircraft/ground fireball with you whingeing in the background complaining about your spilt drink. :lol:
    What I mean is, if they think summat's not right and take off anyway, they die as well.
  9. Bishop Mackem

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    Not a chance will a service or pre flight check pick up a faulty split pin mind
  10. Looks like a nylock nut and a drop of loctite to be sure would have maybe been a better option, the motor industry stopped using split pins on steering assembies years ago.
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  11. Did the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon in March. First time in one, must admit I didn’t like it and probably won’t go in one again.
  12. x ALiEN 8

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    Fucking deathtraps, you couldn't pay me to get in one.
  13. HABA87

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    We went on one in New York about 15 year back, tipped forward to what felt like 90 degrees but probably under 45 at take off over the river.

    I'm fairly sure a year or so after one crashed as the blades chopped the water.
    I had a look for the news article some time back but couldn't find anything. Convinced it happened though.

    I don't think I'd go in one again either.
  14. stretch

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    Could of lads I know work on the rigs off Aberdeen way, they absolutely hate the helicopter ride, another lad even left his £70k job offshore to work in the chemical place at Peterlee
  15. buster

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    To be fair they wouldn’t be screaming very long....
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  16. yamar1

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    Id imagine a couple of failed pins caused it. Things like this should be changed if they take stress.
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  17. Roger

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    From what I have briefly read, it looks like the nut/pin wasn't meant to take stress - but a bearing failed/seized which put a lot of extra force on it. The root cause being the bearing failure.
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  18. Alan BStard

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    The first news report I heard about it yesterday also stated that some components of the helicopter had been welded where they shouldn't. Strange that this isn't being talked about now.
  19. Unbalanced Views

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    When I worked offshore most of the Helicopters were OK, some were a bit ropey, the pilots were a very mixed bunch mind, some flew them like a bus service (which they basically were) some liked to pretend they were in Apocalypse Now or something, which could be a bit scary at times.

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