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Discussion in 'Photography discussion' started by taipeisafc, Jun 14, 2018.

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    I have a Leica IIIf (bought from Not Spavin on one of his monthly "I'm selling up to buy xxxx camera" gear purges) that I really want to get a reputable outfit to service (I tried someone in China but they weren't exactly inspiring. I have heard good things about Camera Works (Bury) and Newton Ellis (Liverpool) which work for me as my lad is at Uni in Manchester and can courier them for me. Anyone got any experience of either? Any further recommendations?
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    I've used Cameraworks Bury and would recommend without hesitation. Good service and competitively priced.
  3. taipeisafc

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    Cheers, they were my first choice to be honest just wanted to see if there was anyone with direct experience of them - I'll be sending my IIIf and lens to them in September.
  4. Just spotted this (haven't been in the photo section for a while). Just to provide another perspective, I've used Miles Whitehead (MWCameraRepairs) many times over the years for a range of film cameras (servicing, repairs etc) and he's always been spot on with the work he's done and the prices he charges. Only problem is he can take a while to get work done as he's in demand, but worth the wait, in my experience.

    Hope you got it sorted one way or another anyway, good to know there are options.
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    Cheers for the info, the camera went to cameraworks bury a couple of weeks back, will update when I get it back.
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