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Discussion in 'SMB' started by mickonline, May 17, 2019.

  1. mickonline

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    Any legal bods on here tonight.

    I've just been followed home by Plod. Popped to the local shop to get some milk in the wifes car and just found out because of an expired payment card, that her insurance had expired and not auto renewed.

    Now my insurance clearly states I can drive any other car with the owners permission and has no stipulations that the car must be insured as well.

    I'm not contesting having to pay to get the car out of the pound as technically while i was in the shop it was an uninsured car on the road, but should i contest my fine and points as when i was driving it was covered third party by my insurance?
  2. Billy2Sheds

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    Should have sparked the polis clean out..

    Shit wrong login
  3. Mantobar

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    Usually theres 7 day grace
    Was for my da in law's house insurance last week forgot my credit card had run out. They sent a letter to say he was still covered but need payment 7 days from date on letter. Had 3 days spare by time sorted

    Then again cars might be different
  4. Surely you get seven days to prove your point ie you were insured to drive that car.
  5. Normally the other car needs to be insured as well. And sometimes it doesn't include cars owned by a spouse.

    I would contest it on the basis you believed you were insured.
  6. do you mean uninsured or untaxed?
  7. sidneyeric

    sidneyeric Striker

    No, your third party cover does not cover your spouses car, you were uninsured.
  8. StiflerPG

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    I'd check the stipulations of driving other cars on your insurance. Usually doesn't include spouses car, might be only used in emergencies only (popping to the shop isnt an emergency). Might sound daft but double check you definately have it, more and more insurance companies are starting to do away with it.
  9. niceonemarra

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    I'm good I'll have to take 20% of the profits for our relationship to have a future do you agree?
  10. mickonline

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    Its taxed and does not need an MOT yet. So my argument would be (hopefully) that I was insured to drive this car, therefore I will not be liable for the fine and points.
  11. muggboots

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    6 points. You're fucked.
  12. mickonline

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    Doesn't say anything, just with owners consent and must not be owned by me.
  13. Kevsgreat

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    Some do cover any car, so unless it states otherwise you'd be fine in a spouse's car, but I've never seen a policy that covers driving an uninsured car.
  14. If your insurance policy states you are insured to drive that car you should be fine? Why was it impounded whilst you were in a shop if it was taxed and the mot was valid? Was it a parking infringement?

    It's not the car that gets insured though, it is the driver. ( And it is the wife who is uninsured) .
  15. sidneyeric

    sidneyeric Striker

    As it's your spouses car they've decided it's partly owned by you, you have no defence, pay up, both of you.

    It will have been shown as uninsured on the MID, and he has no way of proving it was insured so it was lifted.
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  16. mickonline

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    It looks like mine is blanket. No mention of spouse, no mention of a requirement to have it insured or taxed.

    "We will insure the vehicle policyholder while driving any other car* within the territorial limitsproviding:

    the car* does not belong to that person or is not hired to that person under a hire purchase agreement. the vehicle policyholder is driving the car* with the owner’s express consent.
    the vehicle policyholder still has your vehicle and it has not been damaged beyond cost effective repair. the vehicle policyholder is aged 25 or above at inception or renewal of this policy.

    the certificate of motor insurance indicates that the vehicle policyholder can drive such a car*. Driving other cars cover is not available for named drivers, firms or principal policyholders where they

    are not also named as a main user of your vehicle (e.g. a vehicle policyholder).

    Important Note: The cover provided whilst you are driving any other car* is for Third Party only."
  17. StiflerPG

    StiflerPG Midfield

    Which company are you with?
  18. mickonline

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    No they followed me home and took it from the drive.

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  19. Dan..Dan..Dan..Dan

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    Ring your insurance company and find out. I'd hesitate to act on the advice of here, particularly on a Friday night.
  20. StiflerPG

    StiflerPG Midfield

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