Leeds Docu-Series on Amazon Prime

Roker 73

Anyone watched it yet?

How does it compare to STID?

Is it worth signing upto Amazon Prime to watch.


I watch quite a few sports fly on wall / behind the scenes documentaries. Just finished the 24 hrs Le Mans race that’s on Prime and that was excellent. I’ve watched the 1st episode of the Leeds one and so far it’s a love in for that owner and the manager.

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I watched the whole series yesterday as I’m in hospital waiting for an operation and nothing else better to do.

I enjoyed it to be fair, but it is different vain to STID as STID is more from the fans perspective and the Leeds one is more from the club side of things.

It was quite an entertaining season from a neutral point of view I found, with them challenging at the top for 90% of the season then bottling it. Then you’ve got spygate, the giving a goal away against villa and just the fact that Bielsa is a bit of a nutter.


Got one episode left. It's alright i'd say but if you're thinking of getting an account purely just to watch it I wouldnt. Free Next Day delivery is decent like!


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I haven't enjoyed it so far, they only seemed to have lost due to injuries or some other freak incident rather than legitimately losing because it's a tough league to compete in. Seems far too much of a bias towards the "great" Leeds United for me.