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    YES WE GYAN Winger

    Ref for tomorrow. Always thought he was shite whenever we had him in the PL, but can't remember any particular decisions.
  2. roker beach

    roker beach Winger

    Never been a friend to us.
  3. sproates33

    sproates33 Striker

    Probably why he's ended up dropping to Legaue One. Shite ref.
  4. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    He's primarily a Premier League ref, I expect him to be infinitely better than the majority of refs we've had this season.

    It's a bit of a shame that we have him for this game, which I expect will be relatively easy to ref, rather than against some of the proper shithouses that are in this league.
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  5. Billy Batts

    Billy Batts Striker

    He's absolutely fucking shite.
  6. Shangri La

    Shangri La Striker

    Why is he reffing our league?
  7. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Does he still referee in the Premier League? I can't remember seeing much of him the last few years. I wonder if he's only part time now?

    We're fucked.

    Loves the mags iirc. :cry:
  8. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    At least 10 games this season apparently.
  9. CraigyLee

    CraigyLee Striker

    Booked Gray after his goal celebration in honour of the Leicester chairman
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  10. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Shows how much notice I've took.

    Jobsworth then.
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  11. Oh for fuck sake.
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  12. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    That’s favourable man! Compared to our general performance in the Premiership that is.
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  13. rentaghost

    rentaghost Striker

    Was he the ref at Stoke that time when they beta us 3-2 and every goal was either offside, handball or a foul on the keeper?
  14. Rob

    Rob Midfield

    Refereed the Borini 2-1 win against the mags, played on whilst they were screaming for foul against Tiote before Borinis winner. Legend !

    Aye shite ref !
  15. HettonSAFC

    HettonSAFC Midfield

    He's a twat aswell.
  16. officerbill

    officerbill Central Defender

    He's never been good to Sunderland this bugger, and 'oh dear he won't allow himself to be intimidated by nasty big Sunderland

    We l get nowt of him tomorrow.
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  17. DufraisFTM

    DufraisFTM Striker

    Arrogant bastard.
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  18. Bit of a fall from grace for him
  19. happy feet

    happy feet Full Back

    Can't remember where I heard it, but as it's an important game you get a ref from the leagues above.

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