Learner drivers on motorways from next year

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Frijj, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Frijj

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  2. kossoff

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    I learned to drive on a motorway by taking myself out there at midnight when it was pretty quiet and drove for 10 or 15 miles getting used to the speed and the odd lane change, then pulled off and came back. Did this for a couple of nights and the went on in the days.

    Sounds dangerous to let newbies on in the day time.
  3. Le Chuck

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    Its not that much different from a standard dual carriageway like the A19 anyway
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  4. joemcdokes

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    Never understood why they aren't anyway, 3 lane driving is so much easier than that fucking A19 for example.
    Those who do 40MPH are too scared to go on motorways.
  5. Frijj

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    Same! They'll be looked after by an instructor and obv can handle dual carriageways but busy motorways can be a difficult experience for new drivers and some people drive like ***** on them
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  6. Skandhaless

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    Had 6 lessons, passed me test on the Thursday and drove York to Bristol on the Saturday with a load of daft lads in. So a bit less experienced than a 20 lesson leaner with an instructor I suppose
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  7. joemcdokes

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    Sunshine bus?
  8. I did the same but I went in the wrong direction and without any lights on to test how I'd react in a pressurised situation.
  9. carldp1989

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    Never understood why people find it difficult. It's one of the easier things in driving.

    Only problem is that's its bloody boring
  10. Fuckin crazy idea.
    Keep the learners on local roads.
    They can get their basics before motorway driving.
    You cannot run before you can walk.
  11. Frijj

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    As a new driver it can be a bit intimidating as you get people regularly doing 80+ and some decidedly dodgy driving on them. Lots of huge lorries too.
  12. joemcdokes

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    Motorways should be 80mph in my opinion.

    It's easy driving on a motorway though.
  13. carldp1989

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    I think I was lucky as I did a lot of dual carriageway driving on my lessons. And there's dodgy driving everywhere they better get used to it
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  14. HoffTTM

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    Motorways are piss easy unlike random dual carriageway A roads with 90 degree turnoffs, people entering and going through the reservation or 50 yard sliproads
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  15. carldp1989

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    Driving down a back road that's national and the centre line disappears cos it's too narrow for 2 cars is my favourite
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  16. sidneyeric

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    It is like..
  17. There are big differences imo. There are some easy access, some easy lanes, some easy departures. Then there are some *swap easy for hard*.
  18. Le Chuck

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    In what way? An extra lane?
    Plenty of A Roads have sections of 3 lanes . Theyre both the same speed limit with the same kind of traffic.
  19. lenshack

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    When I took my test, I was asked how I'd turn right on a Motorway.
    The very first stretch in the country,the M6 Preston by pass had only just opened, but I was aware of the system.

    A few weeks later I was driving up that same stretch, hardly another car in sight and so relaxed I missed my turn off.
    I checked ahead and behind, not a single vehicle in sight as far as the eye could see, then I did a U turn over the central reservation,no crash barriers then, and drove back down the opposite side to my turn off.

    How times have changed.

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