Leapy Lee.

Son of Stan

I'm almost certain that my Mother's copy of Little Arrows is sitting in the attic, which I had completely forgotten about.
Drove past the same place recently. It’s a pub really. Various artistes of questionable vintage and variable reputationak quality have appeared at that venue iirc.
Sounds like the club my Mam and Dad used to go to in the 70s. There was a Jolson tribute act and my Mother's friend hugged the bloke after he sang a song for her. She spent the evening with brown streaks on her face apparently. No idea why I thought of that. :)


Did the poster have little arrows pointing to the venue?
My nana (no, she’s dead) used to sing that to me to get me off to sleep when I was little, for some reason. It worked, mind.
‘Little arrows in your eyes, little arrows up your arse if you don’t go to bastard sleep!’ Not really...
She was my favourite person on Earth, god I miss her...:cry: 1910 - 1988. Saw two world wars, and unlike a lot of kids, I could listen to the elderly talk for hours about olden days and the war.

Talk about digressing...:lol: