League and cup double?

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Lord Alfred, May 27, 2018.

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    100% this.

    HBSAFC Central Defender

    Don't forget your selfie stick and Sunderland top with "Wembley 19" on the back too

    Careful, you'll be accused of being boring soon...
  3. gipetto

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    I won't, cheers. I'll be the one smiling whilst you're wallowing in a pool of negativity, telling all your pals how shite the competition is :lol:
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  4. MrChalk

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    Pressing reset on a rotten club and starting from scratch is most important.
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  5. I've been to old Wembley thrice and not seen Safc score in any of them

    If we get to new Wembley, I would feel no shame in going, whatever competition it is in and would enjoy it immensely if we won the game and scored a bucket load.

    We are league one and it wouldnt bother me in the slightest to go to a final in the EFL trophy.

    The other cups are playthings of the big six anyway, so this competition gives the other clubs a chance for a good day out.
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  6. gipetto

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    Well said mate.
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  7. DufraisFTM

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    I want us to win the Checkatrade trophy like.
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  8. Lord Alfred

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    Ultimately that’s what it’s all about though....a massive piss up, a sing song and a few memories.

    74,000 there two years ago....and winning a game is a bit of a novelty to us atm.
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  9. peterleeblackcat

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    Southampton as well.

    We should be going building up a winning mentality so that means going for it whatever competition it is
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  10. Pardews greatest achievement at a big club?
  11. gipetto

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  12. TopCat

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    Cloughy loved a cup win. Didn't matter what the cup was, it got players in the winning habit. That's good enough for me
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    Aye :lol:
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  14. HBSAFC

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    I'll be the one who supports Sunderland AFC all the time, not just when certain games.

    And to get promoted we'll have to do that, so promotion is the most important thing.

    Would depend on opposition surely? And hopefully winning being a novelty is a thing of the past
  15. BostonCat

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    This. In the unlikely event that we actually win the Checkatrade no one is going to treat it like the bloody Champions League. But for fuck’s sake let’s enjoy whatever highs we get.
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    :lol: Hopefully your face isn't tripping you up down Wembo and you lighten up between now and then. Enjoy yourself man, life's too short.
  17. I personally hope Safc win every game next season, which won't happen but I see nowt wrong in hoping and then attending a final if Safc have achieved the feat of winning their way there.

    As I said previously we did it in our last third division season, so why not do it again?
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    Take it - another Covent Garden will do for me
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  19. HBSAFC

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    Sorry but that not true

    30 seconds in

    Clough says he would gladly go out of all cup competitions if it meant winning the league. That is true for us next season

    Don't worry I will enjoy myself, really looking forward to next season
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  20. Well he clearly didn't apply that for the two European cup wins and getting to league cup finals and fa cup final, which was his obsession to win, but was not to be.

    I think forest got to a zenith data cup final as well, somewhere along the line
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