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  1. Its interesting to see that even in our current run of mediocre form we have not lost ground. Once we hit form we will pull away.

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  2. joop

    joop Midfield

    How is being 12th in the form table not losing ground?
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  3. because we are still in 3rd
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  4. I keep thinking it’s only a matter of time before we batter someone but I can’t recall us playing well for the full 90minutes of any of our games yet. We’ve played some lovely stuff in 15-20mins spells but are yet to really dominate a game. Can’t really complain mind if despite our failure to dominate and capitalise we’re still third.
  5. JimmyQuinn

    JimmyQuinn Winger

    Because we're third in the league and should we win our game in hand we'll be in an automatic promotion spot.

    Not that hard really.
  6. DiscoPants86

    DiscoPants86 Midfield

    I’ll take a punt and say he’s referring to our league position.
  7. joop

    joop Midfield

    That’s a different point altogether.
    We are 12th on current form and have earned less points than the teams around us therefore even though we can still go into a promotion place, we are not in a strong a position as we were 6 games ago.
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  8. JimmyQuinn

    JimmyQuinn Winger

    Six games ago we were third, one point behind 2nd and five behind first.

    Today we are third, one point behind 2nd and five behind first.

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  9. joop

    joop Midfield

    With less games in hand.
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  10. JimmyQuinn

    JimmyQuinn Winger

    We've got one less game in hand, which if we win we'll go second.

    Last I checked nobody gets promoted or relegated based on six games of form.
  11. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

  12. lets not forget we have played Pompey, Charlton and Luton recently.

    Come the end of February I will be very very disppointed if we are showing similar form.

    Bristol R

    are the next 7 games .. need 17 points.
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  13. joop

    joop Midfield

    Don’t recall me saying we were not in a good position. We are.
    Using a form table was not a strong argument. That’s it.
  14. as I said before the Luton game we struggle to kill teams off when we are ahead, is that about 5 games now where we have taken the lead but not been able to kill them off and ended with 5 draws ?.......we are OK but we are not really there yet, a good team can kill others off regularly and we are falling short which shows how fragile our squad is in terms of quality and numbers, but its still great progress from our starting point at the start of the season
  15. mackemsafc1959

    mackemsafc1959 Central Defender

    Your losing Marra give up
  16. joop

    joop Midfield

    Aye you could be right marra. Not that important really.
  17. No guarantees, who says we haven’t peaked already? I think we are a shoe in for the play offs. Top 2, still debatable, be interesting to see if the next couple of weeks bring in some new faces that give us the edge.
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  18. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    Barnsley have played Pompey, Charlton and Luton in their last 6 and are top of the table mind. Their run of the next 6 or 7 games is similar (if not easier than ours too). We may not have lost ground on Pompey but Barnsley have gained ground on us. They’re our biggest threat in my opinion.
  19. That is how many fairy tales start mate - ;)
  20. beam1234

    beam1234 Midfield

    When you’re right, you’re right. :lol:

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