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Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by Hawyatt Earp, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Hawyatt Earp

    Hawyatt Earp Winger

    A mate of mine paid £30 for this workout and nutrition stuff a couple of months ago. He's been doing it for 2 months and has been totally transformed, its ridiculous.

    I've been doing it with him for 4 days and I've never felt pain like it, has anyone tried this before??

    I'm in genuine bits after legs day, I can't walk upstairs and look like an extra from Brokeback Mountain. (I've just been laughed at in the street)

  2. zidanny

    zidanny Midfield

    Post your workout then
  3. Phillips Right Boot

    Phillips Right Boot Goalkeeper

  4. zidanny

    zidanny Midfield

    I could never bring myself to pay for a generic program. Get yourself to somewhere like spartan and get a proper assement and program designed especially for you !
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  5. Titus

    Titus Striker

    This. That in itself should tell you it's probably not the best programme for you.
  6. UaeExile

    UaeExile Winger

    Not that I disagree, but some people are motivated by being part of something like a programme or online community.

    Mostly generic and off the shelf, but if that what motivates you and you stick to it you can still get excellent results.
  7. Titus

    Titus Striker

    There are loads of coaches out there though who do everything on an individual bases but still are a 'team'. Coaches like team3dmj with their bodybuilders/powerlifters etc.
  8. West Ryder

    West Ryder Midfield

    It's no different to the insanity craze mate, it'll work brilliant for some but not for others.

    In a way, You are correct but so are the other lads, until you try it for yourself you don't know whether it will suit you or not.

    It's not like you're paying over the odds for it and if it gives you comfort then fair enough, just remember its not the be all and end all. Depending on how long you've trained for you should have a good idea of what works for you anyway.
  9. zidanny

    zidanny Midfield

    the only good program is the one you stick to.
  10. UaeExile

    UaeExile Winger

    Hear hear
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