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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Would make Groves a very slight favourite to beat Eubank and would make either one of them a pretty comfortable favourite against Smith
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  2. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    I predict we will see an increase in PPVs, NxtGen and continued lower quality and fewer regular Saturday Fight Night's on Sky.
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  3. Titus

    Titus Winger

    Fuck Hearn. Would love to see him lose Joshua as he would be right in the shit with the way he's gone about the last two or so years
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  4. The Bridge Lad

    The Bridge Lad Striker

    It's crazy, he was seen as this saviour about 4 years ago, now most of the boxing community are behind Warren despite all his previous :lol:.

    Regular non PPV nights on BT and Sky Sports have been like chalk and cheese this past year. Hearn has put all his eggs in the PPV market and if you are not a PPV star or future star with Olympic pedigree then he isn't really interested in you.

    If he loses AJ then he is in trouble, because Bellew (even though he is pretty limited anyway) just has a couple more fights left, Brook's stock is lower after his defeats and quitting and there's nobody really left that I can think of to step up and be the next PPV star that he craves. Kelly, Cordina, Buatsi etc are all way off that level at the moment.
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  5. Titus

    Titus Winger

    I just love seeing Warren asked a question and whip out private emails and solicitor correspondence and that
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  6. Warren has done tremendously well from unlicensed in the 70 s to still being one of the top promoters in Europe, especially considering the awful sky/Hearn monopoly.

    Fuck me, he even got shot man.:lol:
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  7. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

  8. powburn red

    powburn red Midfield

    who was the last boxer to shit himself in the ring?

    Rufus...Crufts 2017
  9. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

  10. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Wouldn't really class Taylor as a prospect anymore, think pretty much everybody has him within the top 10 in the world at light-welter. He's superb mind and will surely win a world title in 2018
  11. Locke's SAFC

    Locke's SAFC Winger

    Taylor's had what? 12 or so fights? So still learning, but because of his clear quality he will be a world champion - although I don't think it will be 2018.

    What do you think of Kelly? Jury's out for me, not convinced.
  12. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Only just seen BJS v Lemieux. Fuck me that was impressive.
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  13. heskey to success

    heskey to success Full Back

    It was boxing at its most beautiful
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  14. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

  15. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Really impressed with him so far but he's going to have to be very, very good if he's going to carry that style off effectively at world level

    One of the boxing highlights of 2017 was watching Taylor make that tosser turn his back and quit
  16. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    As somebody on one of the forums said a few weeks ago the difference between Warren and Hearn is that Warren and his team know the sport inside out whilst Hearn only cares about the business side of boxing.
  17. KGC83

    KGC83 Striker

    Oscar Valdez v Scott Quigg virtually done.

    Should be a cracker.
  18. Big Bird

    Big Bird Goalkeeper

    Easy win for Valdez
  19. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    One of those fights on paper where it's pretty much guaranteed to be a war. Great fight
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