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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. did.;)
  2. Been said a million times on here but it’s an absolute shambles.

    Look at Lennox Lewis last 10/15 fights, not one bum or easy fight amongst them.
    Compare with the current crop, granted the quality isn’t there but it’s still a pisser big fights are not being made.
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  3. Brilliant resume, maybe best heavy off al time. You probably need to add that he never fough Bowe, the holyfield fight was 5 years to late not to mention the Tyson fight.

    Just for balance.
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  4. Maravilla

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    Don't think Lewis can be blamed for at least two of those mind. Bowe decided to literally throw his title in the bin rather than face Lewis and Don King didn't want him anywhere near Tyson
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  5. Aye, not blaming Lennox personally, but that is fact no matter what anyone believes...

    Your ref to king is in essence not dissimilar to today, just a different name.

    Just adding balance imo, even in that reign the politics and bull hit news for me.

    Hey lads, great weekend of boxing to look forward to..

    Saunders v Isufi
    And wilder v breazale

    And then next week a corker on sky Saturday beet, Taylor v baranchyk and p4p inohue...its all good man...splurt.

    Holy shit. Yarde going to take kovalev in Russia. :cool:

    Porter v Spence announced
    Thurman v pac man I think mentioned in here


    You are going to lose your shit...Hearn confirming loma v Campbell will be Ppv if in the U.K. :)
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  6. The Bridge Lad

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    That was pretty much confirmed by Hearn on IFL over a week ago when the fight news broke marra.
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  7. Ifl podcast yesterday is here I heard him discussing it like, maybe same as you seen. Reckons only way he can make the fight in the U.K.
  8. wigs

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    Kell Brook‏Verified account @SpecialKBrook 7h7 hours ago

    Massive thanks to my barrister @DanEsmee Dan Foster at @BankHouseClerks ... pulled me out of a regulatory tangle and now my career is back on track. Any sportsmen out there need help with Regulatory or contract issues then Dan is your man

    kell leaving eddie? for Crawford fight under bob arum on BT ?
  9. Titus

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    Hopefully Wilder gets stripped of his title for his latest remarks.

    Because he had Bowe and Tyson running like Mo Farah :D
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  10. aye. As fury wilder and aj will say.

    Same shit different year
  11. Toronado

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    Kell Brook has left Matchroom Boxing indefinitely, after a sexual advance misunderstanding with now former promoter Eddie Hearn. Source: @IFLTV

    What the hells this about I wonder ?!?
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  12. PTR

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  13. dixonsafc

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    There's always been rumours that Kell is gay hasn't there? Nowt wrong with it, but sounds like an awkward situation
  14. Batdad

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    Erm :lol::?:
  15. dixonsafc

    dixonsafc Striker

    Just seen the tweet and it's completely made up. It's not actually come from IFLTV.
  16. On Our Way

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    Wilder-Breazeale this weekend - What's the expected ring walk time? (Thanks in advance)
  17. Dennis

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    Billy Joe looks in canny nick
  18. On Our Way

    On Our Way Goalkeeper

    Will Billy Joe finish this one off quickly.

    Or will he be abit rusty from his absence.
  19. Too much quality boxing on telly this weekend. I can’t cope.
  20. Ageing trundler

    Ageing trundler Central Defender

    3 Gary Russells on the Wilder undercard!

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