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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. PTR

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    Oh man, that's a shame
  2. Maravilla

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    "Jim I gotta tell you"
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  3. Dennis

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    Williams beat Hurd then

    Pacman Thurman confirmed :cool:
  4. Maravilla

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  5. Al Haymon won’t be best pleased.

    2 of his big hitters beat last few
    Months .
  6. monkeytassle

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    Tickets for dubois on 13th bought. Ringside was 200 sheets
  7. Dennis

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    Furys fight been made PPV :lol::lol:
  8. PTR

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    If Whyte's are, then why not the lineal champion's?
  9. Dennis

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    4am against someone nobody's heard of. The numbers will be shit
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  10. PTR

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  11. JC22

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    Let them crack on. I won’t be paying I know that.
  12. Butters

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    I'd love to see the numbers that the Fury fight makes. Ridiculous decision to put it PPV
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  13. Iptv must have put a huge hole in PPV numbers. For about 3 year I'd paid for every PPV sky put on in this country. For the last 3 year when I've had a iptv sub I havent paid for one and never been let down by a provider once
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  14. The Bridge Lad

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    If this doesn't put people off the sport, nothing will. The landscape is just fucking awful. Just about every noteworthy Brit fighting in America now, 4/5am fights galore, very poor normal Sky and BT shows and a match up between 2 contenders in Whyte and Rivas on PPV, and to make matters worse, 4/5am PPV fights are starting to become normal now with Khan, AJ and Fury all on on Box Office in the States all within about 6 weeks of each other.

    Rare good, prime time, non PPV cards like this Glasgow one on Saturday should be treasured. Absolute joke what's happening now.

    Who in their right mind would buy an actual tune up fight at 5am? It's insane.
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  15. Don’t be so melodramatic man :)
    Wasn’t that long ago I had to order all the big fights on vhs from the states, and also wait 3 weeks for my copy of world boxing and the ring magazine to come out.:cool:f

    I really don’t give a fuck what time the fights on as I’ll just record it....but agree Ppv is getting silly, fucking daft...but then daft twats like me pay it.
  16. Maravilla

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    Not that there is any chance in hell it'll happen but it'd be absolutely glorious if Schwarz somehow pulled off the upset.
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  17. The Bridge Lad

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    I massively disagree with that, it makes a hell of a difference to me watching at 9/10pm on a Sat night or recorded for the next day. Obviously we're historically used to the very biggest fights being on at that time, and one every 3 or 4 months isn't bad and I might make an exception and stay up to watch one live, but when it's your actual bread and butter UK stuff going over there then it's absolutely ridiculous.

    Watching sport delayed just doesn't compare at all to it watching live - you can't really watch with mates, you can't put an in play bet on, there's always a chance the result can get spoilt, or you have to go to great lengths to avoid it, or the broadcast cuts off like on ITV4 earlier in the year, then it can also be a bit tactical if you're on SkyQ when FF.

    I'll see how it goes over the next 6-12 months or so, but if 90% of the stuff happens in the early hours for the foreseeable future, I'll massively lose interest.
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  18. Smartin

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    Not paying or staying up to watch Fury vs a relative nobody.
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  19. You can’t disagree with my own personal feelings :):)

    I watch nearly every boxing and ufc card on the Sunday morning when I wake it and have done for a long time now. Aye, always good to get a free Saturday night show when I’m not on the piss.

    But I have a long memory, Christ being able to watch meldrick taylor v glen wood brown on tape delay Sunday afternoon on sky sports felt amazing.

    No matter what my interest will always be there....and I’ll also have a moan from time to time.
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  20. The Bridge Lad

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    I'll give it a good go :lol:

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