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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. The Bridge Lad

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    Not a great day for Hearn with the aforementioned Usyk news and also he was 'frustrated' that the WBC have ordered Lomachenko vs Campbell for the vacant title rather than his plans of keeping that title in house with Campbell vs Haney. It is expected to be in the UK, but I think it'll be a hard sell for large PPV numbers.
  2. Toronado

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    Gone a bit daft in the hw division again aint it !

    Whyte claiming he’s in the top 3 in the world at the minute

    Wilder spouting more crack about other people avoiding fighting him and then tweeting a Ramadan message and ending it #bombzquad

    An disappointment with the Usyk delay

    The Joshua Ruiz fight is a bit of an let down

    And then Fury comes out with his normal shit of i’m Having 3 fights and then I’m gone !
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  3. Titus

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    Tyson smoking a spliffs with Piers Morgan :lol:
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  4. Pepe

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    That is terribly disappointing.
  5. Looking like some cracking talent coming through in the states at the lighter weights at the moment.
    Getting matched and showcased very well

    Ortiz jr
    Golden boy fighter (Ruiz?)

    Haney signed to matchroom anarl, maybe be mandated to fight Campbell for vacant title, what a fight
  6. TaylorBoosh

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    Was it not announced that Campbell would be fighting Lomachenko in the UK next?
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  7. Well if it was fucked if I’ve seen it.. and listening to Eddie Hearn on ifl podcast this week that what he’s says :eek:
  8. The Bridge Lad

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    Top of this page ;), but aye, was announced yesterday - Hearn not happy.
  9. offmenut

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    Looking forward to this. Venue date to be arranged.
    Not sure how many rounds luke will last mind
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  10. Queer fuckers :eek::D:D
  11. Batdad

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    Fucks sake.

    In other news Gorman v Dubious announced
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  12. TaylorBoosh

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    Cant wait for this!
  13. Cracking fight. Well done Frankie
  14. monkeytassle

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    Tickets go on sale at midday tomorrow. Going to grab some and take a few lads down from work.
  15. Hurd v Williams for the two belts in itv4 early hours Sunday.

    Nice one
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  16. Pepe

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    I am working night shift so it is perfect for me :)
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  17. The Bridge Lad

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    RIP Harold Lederman.
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  18. Titus

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    Just came here to post this. Very sad. He loved the sport and his passion was obvious.
  19. OK Jim, RIP.
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  20. Dennis

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    :( RIP Harold

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