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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Maravilla

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    Apparently the fella who wrote it has form for jumping the gun when it comes to breaking stories. You'd expect better from The Ring mind
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  2. Charlie Chimp

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    Fair play to him. Will be a good fight, can't see him out boxing Crawford though. Spence vs Garcia will be a cracker too. Can't wait to see them both tbh. Brook who?
  3. The Bridge Lad

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    Brook vs Liam Smith seemingly coming to a PPV screen near you soon.
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  4. JimmyQuinn

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    FFS man
  5. The Bridge Lad

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    You surely weren't expecting a fight of that magnitude to be included as part of a paid sports subscription, were you?
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  6. A decent match-up to be fair. Nowhere near a ppv main event mind. Joshua undercard perhaps?
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  7. JimmyQuinn

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    Well, no, based on how things have gone in recent years, it's just a pisstake that pretty much everything even half decent is whacked on PPV now. Brook-Smith is a decent enough fight but that's about it. Hardly a massive scrap


    What passes for PPV nowadays is a joke tbh
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  8. The Bridge Lad

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    No problem with the fight, Brook seems to be declining so it'll be quite interesting in that respect, but if Uncle Eddie has 6 PPVs to flog and no Tony Bellew or David Haye to take up two of them, no Amir Khan fight either, this is nailed on for a standalone 'showdown'. Shocking.

    I was being sarcastic mate. The boxing landscape is shite for the customer, 13 PPVs last year and the bar is getting lower and lower, should this be one happen, it'll be a new low for Sky and Hearn.
  9. JimmyQuinn

    JimmyQuinn Winger

    Ah, my mistake :lol:

    Yeah, it's a joke. No wonder people are turned off by it. How they can justify charging £20 for something like this on top of people's subs already is beyond me.

    ITV have the right idea with the PBC stuff but even they've been twats by sticking DeGale-CEJ on PPV in Feb.

    As an aside Brook's career has gone to absolute shit compared to what could have been.
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  10. The Bridge Lad

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    It's ridiculous. He had that cracking win over Porter in 2014 and it's been downhill since. Obviously the stabbing didn't help but Gavin, Dan and Bizier must be up there with the worst set of defenses in British world title history. Sacrificed to save a PPV date against GGG - I still laugh at that now, jumping up 2 weight classes, but not only that, fighting the best middleweight at the time, one of the most feared boxers and it's ruined him. He'll have made a bit of cash in that fight and the Spence fight at Bramall Lane, but a massive waste of talent and could have done so much more.
  11. As great as Garcia is can’t see him beating Spence like, the size diff at the press conference looked ridiculous for the actual pounds difference :eek:

    Not sure if Mikey will have the power at that weight against elite level fighter.

    Khan maybe fun for 4-7 rds. If he keeps his fucking head :)
  12. Macho

    Macho Striker

    Not on my fucking tv.
  13. wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if it was paul smith the way these ppvs are going :rolleyes::lol:
  14. Maravilla

    Maravilla Striker

    Latest rumour is that Whyte vs Wlad will headline the April 13th date at Wembley with Joshua-Miller heading for Madison Square Garden
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  15. Fuckin hell didn’t see that coming (whyte v wlad)

    Really enjoyed the latest JRE with Kelly Pavlik.
  16. That would at least be new and interesting
  17. Bunce has apparently heard rumors?

    Bizare if Wlad comes out of retirement.......he'll be 43 when the fight takes place.
  18. Would that sell out Wembley? I’m not convinced.
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  19. Nor me
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  20. There’s been rumours circulating for a while about Wlad tbh, think even Hearn has mentioned them. How he’s training every day etc

    It smacks of Hearn scrambling around trying to find a fight for that Wembley date tbh. He’s dropped a bit of a bollock it seems.
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