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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Toronado, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Maravilla

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    Don't think they fought twice in the same year? If you include the lineal title the last time was probably 96 with Tyson vs Holyfield 1 and Bowe vs Golota 2
  2. Bowe Holyfield 1, not two of the trilogy mate...

    Last 3 rds were ridiculous
  3. Maravilla

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    The Tris Dixon one is very good as well: Boxing Life Stories | Free Podcasts | Podomatic

    The ones with Booth, McCrory and Graham in particular flew by
  4. I like the stories type podcasts never seen this one, loads of driving next few weeks so will download ....john murray one sounds interesting.

    Did you listen to disciples this week...Adam catteral talking about sitting next to vinnie Jones at the staple ctr..:):)
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  5. Linny

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    As we've mentioned on here, Tommy Fury makes his debut on December 22nd. I didn't realise though that his opponent is the lowest-ranked Light-heavyweight in the world! His alias is 'lucky'.

    Lucky he's still getting a payday, imo.

    BoxRec: Jevgenijs Andrejevs
  6. Toronado

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    Josh Kelly is looking in ridiculous shape for the weekend, really looking forward to seeing how he deals with the step up much more interesting than anything Brook can do !

    All the podcasts mentioned are quality like Spencer Oliver brings some decent insight into it like
  7. Discopants91

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    Loves his wild boar iirc.
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  8. PTR

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  9. Cee Jay

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    Listening to the two Hearns over the last day or two...they’ve got no intention of fighting Fury for foreseeable future.

    Not exactly a shock mind
  10. ErichZann

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    I love watching Kahn fight like, would love him fight Crawford. Kahn would probably fight Tyson Fury if given the chance....
  11. Maravilla

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    Donald Curry, Buddy McGirt and Julian Jackson to be the 2019 inductee's into the Hall of Fame
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  12. Don’t forget teddy atlas man,
  13. The Bridge Lad

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    A so so card on Saturday. Piss poor main event, but a half decent undercard for a change.
  14. One tied in with sky and one tied in with BT will make that a nigh impossible fight to make for the foreseeable future
  15. Kroupa

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    Has Wladimir Klitschko commented or said anything about the Fury fight? (I don't have twitter) heard Joshua congratulated him but wondered about Wlad? always seems bitter towards Fury even before he pulled out of the rematch etc, seems to have lots of praise for AJ normally though.
  16. Toronado

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    They’ve just stayed consistent in their aims which are all the belts and money if they get all the belts that makes a fight with Fury the biggest boxing fight for 20/30 years possibly
  17. B-52_Bomber

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    Will Kel Brook want rounds on Saturday?

    Or do you see him getting his opponent out pretty quickly to impress?

    Kel hasn't had a lot of time in the ring of late.
    He needs rounds if he's going to have a big fight in 2019.
  18. Maravilla

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  19. Dick Fitzwell

    Dick Fitzwell Midfield

    He's already beaten Whyte
  20. Oli Wagkz

    Oli Wagkz Striker

    WBC sanctioned the Fury/Wilder rematch
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